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“Our goal is to provide the customer with a quality product that perfectly reflects the required characteristics” The "mission" of our society, where decades of experience is combined with the professionalism of our staff, is to focus on customer service and its needs. This changeless diligence necessarily turn into a positive result and thanks to the comparison and continuous research and innovation becomes the product our customer ask us.
CORRADO DELL’OCA SRL is a company that operates in the field of plastic injection molding for more than twenty years. We  are specialized in molding of plastic-made products on behalf of third parties, particularly in injection molding. The experience,  the development and continuous updating have made sure that our production is always at the forefront to meet the needs of  different sectors, such as the cosmetics industry, the furniture industry, the livestock industry and technology industry.  Our production department works side by side with a full dedicated department to the design and mold making.  
CORRADO DELL’OCA srl Stampaggio materie plastiche e costruzione stampi