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The prudocts are realized using every kind of thermoplastic injection


Depending on the  prudocts we are going to make and the characteristics they  will have to own as elasticity, strenght, flexibility, impermeability etc. we’ll  choose the more suitable material from a wide range including  POLYAMIDE,  ACETAL (POM), POLYCARBONATE, POLYTHENE, POLYPROPYLENE,  POLYSTIRENE, POLYURETHANE, POLYSULFONE, THERMOPLASTIC  RUBBER, PVC, ABS, SAN  and many more.  The base material chosen will be than mixed with plastic colorants to get  a  varied range of colors giving the possibility to realize the more imaginative  projects. The combination obtained will  meet the needs of the most  different sectors as the toy industry, construction industry,  cosmetic industry,  livestock sector  etc.   
An example of different materials  and plastic colorants
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Materials we use...